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"Tanya is a fresh new voice connected to love and spirit, dedicated to the empowerment and upliftment of women everywhere... a leader who is perfectly equipped to offer tools for self-discovery that truly work... a trusted guide.”  - Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

You've learned The Secret and you've experienced The Artist's Way. Now we’re into the new millennium and it’s time to join The Circle… Join me, because our world is thirsty for what women have to offer - perfectly primed for us to live a life that boldly declares “Hello world, here I am!” while welcoming our sisters to do exactly the same. 


The Circle - A Woman’s Guide to Joy, Passion and Authenticity is a juicy, creative, literary adventure, escorting you directly to the discovery of your best self and your most brilliant life. I am Tanya Mikaela: artist, creator, spiritual ‘midwife,’ seeker of beauty and enthusiastic cheerleader for women everywhere. I passionately believe that it’s our time to collectively light up this world with our resounding “YES!” to life as we step out of the confines of a life too small, because extraordinary is our birthright!


The Circle… soars beyond the margins of the pages, guiding you on a sacred journey of heart and soul. And, because we thrive in community, you'll call in your own Circle of women to journey alongside you! Your collective “YES” will unite you on a year-long adventure of deep personal discovery, while establishing transformative lifetime bonds. You’ll gather valuable tools, unleash your inner creative-goddess and hold a sacred space for one-another as you embrace and celebrate your individual magnificence. You’ll connect and you’ll have fun - lots of fun! 


The Circle… began as a sparkle of an idea that whispered, “Pay attention Tanya, this is for you!” And I said “YES!” because I’ve discovered how a tiny sparkle can lead to enormous joy when I offer my “YES!” and hang on for the ride. This is precisely how life works, and I’m about to show you as I guide you to your “YES!” in a way that’s deliciously freeing and wildly expansive.


Within these pages I share real-life wisdom rooted in spiritual principles, languaged just the same as when I’m hanging out with my besties. I’ve lived and breathed every bend and loop of this journey myself, and I believe The Circle… is for every woman, everywhere, who feels that she’s here for something more - something truly wonderful! 

The momentum is building; satellite Circles have already started around the globe while I’m in the process of seeking representation and the official publication of my manuscript. Stay tuned!

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