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One of a handful of contemporary artists who virtually “paint with paper,” Tanya Mikaela’s collages express her spiritual journey, her passion for life and the allure of the Divine Feminine. By tearing and layering re-claimed paper she’s developed an organic freedom of expression that continues to evolve. Tanya credits her daily meditation and affirmative prayer practices as being the gateway to her creative process. Every day of creativity begins by connecting to Spirit, allowing her to lead from her heart and get out of the way - trusting what wants to come through.

"Collage mirrors life - layer, layer, layer… peel some back and layer some more. Every day is fresh, always something new to nudge it forward. What feels right one day might get covered up the next. That’s cool, stay in the flow, free the mind and trust! There are no mistakes so just keep tearing and layering. Don’t look back or try to repeat - allow the newness - allow it to show me what it wants to be - allow for surprise and delight. Release attachment to what it is in any way or to details along the way. Never let anything become so precious that the good of the whole cannot be served. Just… allow! It’s got to feel good so, If that’s not happening take a break and go do something fun! Then, return with fresh eyes and ask, what’s next? Breathe, listen and be light. This is a dance, a partnership, co-creation at it’s best! In the end, it will all be perfectly imperfect. Life is like that. Suddenly - all those dazzling bits of pattern and color magically weave together and alchemize brilliantly into something whole and new. My heart is full. There is a knowing. This is when it tells me it’s finally okay to fall in love

and then… to step back and set it free.”  - Tanya Mikaela

In the same way that Tanya channels her collages, she also creates healing artifacts from driftwood, clay, crystals and assorted findings. Her Wisdom Wands, Wise Women and Talisman incorporate a variety materials into upcycled and wearable works of art. 


It is Tanya’s firm belief that we are all creative beings! As a Spiritual Practitioner or “soul-coach,” she loves to assist others in discovering their own passion in order to release their innate creativity. She’s just completed her first book, The Circle - A Woman’s Guide to Joy, Passion and Authenticity - guiding communities of women to a joy-filled and inspired life.


Ten Women Gallery - Artist in Residence  

The Whole 9 Gallery

MainStay Gallery

Jalan Jalan

Art for Obama - Edited by Shepard Fairey, 2009

• The Peace Project - Visions of Peace, 2013 & 2014 

Politico Magazine, Jan-Feb 2016

The Santa Monica Mirror - March 1-7, 2019

Voyage Magazine, Sept 2019

• Doctors without Borders

• Women Against Gun Violence

• The Rescue Train

• The Peace Project

• Feeding America

  • Collage Artists of America (first place)

  • American Art Awards (multiple, including first place)

  • Peace Project (multiple)

  • Gold Key


  • The Conscious Life Expo - 2015-2020 - Los Angeles, CA

  • TAG Gallery - Pieces of Me; Fragments to Harmony (three-woman show)- Los Angeles CA

  • Lark Gallery - Planet of Joy - Los Angeles, CA

  • Abuelitas’ Artists Portal - Day of the Dead Exhibit / Artists Portal Group-Show - Topanga, CA

  • Upstream People Gallery - 12th Annual Faces Juried Exhibition - Omaha, NE (Awarded special recognition)

  • Irvine Contemporary Gallery - Manifest Hope - Washington DC  (Curated by Shepard Fairey for the 2009 Presidential inauguration)

  • Viva Gallery, Reconstruction Show / Improvisations 5 Show - Studio City, CA

  • Agape International Spiritual Center Solo Shows - New Works / Brown Bag Buddha Exhibit -Culver City, CA

  • Upstream People Gallery -  Judeo-Christian Juried International Exhibition - Omaha, NE (Awarded special recognition)

  • Santa Barbara Frame and Gallery -  Buddha Abides - Santa Barbara, CA

  • Burbank Creative Arts Center Gallery - Transformations - Burbank, CA

  • Gallery 800 - Ripped Exhibit- NoHo, CA (Brown Bag Buddha #17 awarded First Place)

  • Ethos Gallery -  Famefest / Ascending Human; a journey into consciousness- Los Angeles, CA

  • Gallery Five08 -  Group Show - Santa Monica, CA 

  • The Whole 9 - Fearless Leaders / Ancestors / Faces / Love Wins. Peace rises. The Peace Project  - Culver City, CA

  • The Space Between and Disclosurefest - Akon Lighting - L.A., Los Angeles, CA



  • Collage Artists of America - Brown Bag Buddha #17 ( awarded First Place - "Ripped" exhibit)

  • American Art Awards 2012 
    “Soul Celebration” (awarded 2nd place for Human Expressionism)
    “Brown Bag Buddha #4″ (awarded 2nd place for Innovative Art)
    “Brown Bag Buddha #7″ (awarded 3rd place for Asian Art)
    “Brown Bag Buddha #8″ (awarded 2nd place for Spiritual Art)

  • American Art Awards 2011
    “Soul Impressions” (awarded 3rd place for Renaissance Style Art)
    “I Am” and “Metamorphosis” (both 4th place awards)
    “Letting Go” (finalist in two categories)

  • American Art Awards 2010
    “Silence” (awarded 1st place in Religious Art & 2nd in Political Commentary)
    “Maya”, “Wash Over Me” & “Offering” (awarded 3rd & 4th place for Portraits)
    “One Mind One Heart” (awarded 3rd place in Spiritual Art)
    “Healing” (awarded in 3 categories)

  • American Art Awards 2009
    “With Great Love” (awarded 1st place for Portrait of Someone Famous & 3rd for Innovative Art)
    “Moses in the Bed of Reeds” (awarded 2nd place for Expressionism; human figure & 4th for Innovative Art)
    “Release” (awarded 2nd place for Spiritual & 4th for Realism; human figure
    “Peace is the Path” (awarded 3rd place for portrait of someone famous & 4th for Religious Art)
    “The Power of Change” (awarded 3rd for Political Commentary & 4th for Portrait of Someone Famous)

  • The Peace Project Award

  • Gold Key Award  (Hartford Courant, Hartford CT)

  • Syracuse University, Drama and Dance

  • BFA, Parsons School of Design

  • ALSP, Agape University, Agape International Spiritual Center


  • Member - Collage Artists of America

  • Member - Los Angeles Experimental Artist's Group II

  • Co-Lead, The Art and Beauty Ministry - Agape International Spiritual Center

  • Former Co-Lead, The Women's Ministry - Agape International Spiritual Center


  • The Whole 9 Gallery



  • Doctors Without Borders

  • Women Against Gun Violence

  • The Rescue Train

  • The Peace Project

  • Feeding America

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